Oatmeal Cookie Soy Candles

Oatmeal Cookie Soy Candles

$3.99 - $23.99

Candle Size:   melts, tealights, 5oz, 10oz, 16oz or 26oz

  Wow Fragrance Strength

Our Oatmeal fragrance is a scrumptious, mouthwatering delight. Ever so sweet, smells exactly, I mean exactly like fresh baked oatmeal cookies!! MMMMMMMMMMMM

Pure Integrity's Oatmeal Cookie fragrance is available in our 26oz, 16oz,10oz and 5oz frosted jar candles. As well as our organza wrapped 12 pack of tealights and 3.5oz package of melts.

The PI Difference
A proprietary blend of natural soy wax, muted, natural colors, lead-free cotton wicks and Pure Integrity's own soy based fragrances with exclusive 7 step pouring process, equally distributing beautiful strong fragrance top to bottom for a clean, exceptionally fragrant & even burning candle.

Shipping Information
Your order is being shipped from Buffalo, N.Y. and will be carefully packed and lovingly shipped within 2-4 business days. You should receive it anywhere between 4-11 days from date shipped depending on where it is being shipped to. Have questions email us or call us at 716-632-0221 or toll free at 1-877-273-0574.

26oz Soy Jar Candle 26 ounce Soy Jar Candle
double wick
burns approximately 110-120 hours.
5oz Soy Jar Candle 5 ounce Soy Jar Candle
single wick
burns approximately 25-30 hours.
16oz Soy Jar Candle 16 ounce Soy Jar Candle
double wick
burns approximately 75-85 hours.
Soy Tealight Soy Tealight
organza wrapped bag of 12
burns approximately 6-7 hours.
10oz Soy Jar Candle 10 ounce Soy Jar Candle
double wick
burns approximately 40-45 hours.
Soy Melts Soy Melts
3.5 oz
6 cubes per pack



Featured Reviews:

Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Little Yummy Bites!!02/12/2013
By Kelley Howe
These Oatmeal Cookie Soy Melts are simply scrumptious and the fragrance is very strong. I like to think of them as "Little Yummy Bites," but don't let their size fool you. Nope! They pack a huge punch of fragrant aroma that fills the house. Shhhh... Don't tell my friend who sells Scentsy that, instead of buying and using her melts, I have switched to my NEW distributor of choice, PURE INTEGRITY!!! I love, love, love their candle products! Thank you, Ms. Teresa, for your wonderful products (and your sample gift that you included in my order). Simply the BEST! :-)
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
By Krystyna Nykorczuk
I am a first time buyer, and purchased 4 small candles of different scents. The paperwork that came with the candles stated the fragrance was for a small area. I was impressed that the Oatmeal Cookie fragrance went throughout my entire house. I work in a Dental Office and burn candles all day at my desk. The patients remarked on how wonderful it smelled and our staff liked it as well. After supporting a big name company for 30 years, I am so very happy to have found your company and you will have my business from now on.
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Think I got a "dud"09/18/2012
By lisa lovern
This candle smells BRILLIANT! I love it! However, after burning it the first time, I noticed it would put itself out and it didn't burn as evenly as the other candle I orered, Pumpkin Pie, which got all 5 stars. I think I just got a "dud" with this one.I don't know if I will be able to use it at all. Dont let it stop you from getting it, the smell is fabulous.
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
By Leah
I adore this candle. It's scent is so warm and comforting. I use it in the kitchen and it fills the whole space with a good, comfy, home-loving feeling. I use several Pure Integrity candles for different purposes and feelings. These candles make me feel good every day in many ways and are worth every penny!
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Perfect kitchen scent!08/09/2013
By Kate S.
We absolutely LOVE the smell of this candle. It smells just like oatmeal cookies baking. I use it in my kitchen, which is somewhat open to the rest of the house. I find the fragrance spreads nicely even in what I would consider a larger area. It is not overpowering at all...but will leave you wanting dessert!
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Best Candles and Customer Service!11/14/2014
By Kimberly Graham
These are the best smelling candles and burn so evenly and clean! My favorite for fall is the hot apple strudel...the scent just warms your house. I love the personalized customer service as well. They always include a hand written note with a few free samples of other scents to try.
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
This one is great! It smells just like oatmeal cookies. The only disappointment is that you cannot eat these! This fragrance is very comforting and smells great in the kitchen or living room. The fragrance is quite strong and fills the room quickly. I would buy this again.
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Absolutely Amazing02/22/2014
By K. Coleman
The Oatmeal Cookie Soy Candle is Scrumptiously Delicious without the Calories!!! This wonderful fragrance has an Amazing throw, definitely belongs in the WOW category. If you are looking for the treat without the guilt, this one is for YOU :)
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Gift for my son12/21/2012
By Linda Dorrough
My son's favorite cooke is oatmeal. This is going to be one of his gifts for his stocking this year. It smell exactly like the oatmeal cookies I have baked for years for him. I am looking forward to him getting this candle on Christmas.
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Great candle!02/24/2014
By Judy
Love the fragrance but not as strong as I had hoped. My kitchen is large and open so maybe that's why. I really like the frosted jar with wooden lid and the candle burns evenly and clean. It's my first soy candle and I will be buying more!
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
By Cedric Utley
A warm sweet aroma that lights up the room within 10 minutes time and lingers several afters it has been blown out. Definitely a must have for me. Smells is almost just how you think it would be and its not overbearing.
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
A great candle!!11/07/2013
By Tamme Thornton
This is a great candle, especially if you want to trick your family in thinking that you spent all day baking! This candle is very strong and fills up my entire house. I love the large size jars. They lasy forever!
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Super Yummy!!11/05/2012
By Cleo Hall
I love this candle!! When I first received it, I took the top off and set it on my night stand. Within a few minutes, the fan had blown the smell all over my apartment. WOW...this thing is strong. Instant Favorite**
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
By Kelley Howe
Every time I light this yummy candle, I get a craving for homemade cookies! Oh, Boy! Of course, I have placed my Oatmeal Cookie Candle in my kitchen area near the generously stocked snack cabinet. FABULOUS!!
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Wow! Really!10/18/2012
By Toi Angelle
Omg! Ive been looking for really strong candles to fill my entire living room/kitchen space with. This is by far the best candle experience I have ever had. Its so strong and perfectly scented!
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Oatmeal Cookie09/30/2012
By Pam Tumpane
If you love bakery scents then you can't go wrong with Oatmeal Cookie! Burned it in my family room and it does does smell like it's name! Warm cookie goodness with a hint of cinnamon.
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Love Your Candles10/31/2014
By Bobbi Basarich
The candles are wonderful! Burn clean and smell awesome! I will definitely shop here more often now that I found your site. Be sure to send me online coupon codes!

Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
"WOW" is right!10/13/2011
By Toni Jordan
This candle really does smell exactly like an oatmeal cookie and it burns clean and strong. If you like fresh-baked scents, you will love this candle!
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Classroom Hit12/15/2013
By Debbie
I use the Oatmeal Cookie melts in my classroom and always receive compliments on how good my room smells. Thank you for such a quality product!
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Love this!11/08/2013
Love, love this yummy candle. Smells so good and the fragrance is strong enough to fill my great room without being overpowering.
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Really smells like oatmeal cookies!04/29/2010
By Bridget
This smells just like oatmeal cookies! It is strong in a very good way. I had to reorder some more of these they smell so good
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
By Janet Tocco
Very real smelling!...so much so, my husband walked in from work and was so sad to find out it was a candle LOL.
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Not bad11/14/2014
By Laurel LaValley
Good but it definitely isn't a "wow" fragrance like other's I've purchased from this company!!!
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
By Sharon Stallo
This scent makes several rooms smell like i just baked cookies. Love it!
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
By Virginia E
I love Oatmeal Cookie best of all so far! Yum!
Oatmeal Cookie 16oz Soy Candle
Smells Yummy!09/27/2013
By Mari Ellen
I loved this scent! Be sure you like cinnamon.

Featured Reviews:

Oatmeal Cookie 10oz Soy Candle
So Good!09/15/2014
By Cheriece
I wasn't sure at first if I would like this scent, I was afraid it would be too sweet. Boy was I wrong! My whole family loved it so much, it's already gone! I will be ordering another one soon. Wonderful customer service and delicious candles!
Oatmeal Cookie 10oz Soy Candle
By Cindy
This candle smelled so good, I wanted to eat it!
Oatmeal Cookie 10oz Soy Candle
customer for life09/12/2014
By Irene Pina

Featured Reviews:

Oatmeal Cookie 5oz Soy Candle
Gluten free cookies10/23/2014
By Michelle
When looking to purchase soy candles I came across this company and bought several different fragrances to give people as Christmas gifts. I love the frosted glass jars and the care that has been taken to ensure superior quality. This candle smells so delicious - like fresh baked cookies. I bought this one for my dad and I know he'll love it.
Oatmeal Cookie 5oz Soy Candle
Doctors office use and home 10/11/2014
By daryl gossett
Quality product for use at home and office ///Have asthma and am not allergic to product as I am to other candles.

Featured Reviews:

Oatmeal Cookie Soy Melts
like home baked cookies!11/29/2014
By amanda
Hands down my favorite scent. Oatmeal cookie candles smell like freshly baked cookies, both when burning and when not burning! I use this scent year round in all the main living areas of my house! I get lots of compliments!